Several players from the local area received recognition on the AP Eastern District all-star basketball team for 2011-2012 as chosen by a media panel from the district.

Newcomerstown's Allie Hinton, a 5-7 junior who scored 17.5 points per game, received first team honors in girls' Division III. Lady Trojan senior Kori Conner (15.3 ppg) was a third team choice.

For Ridgewood, senior Kayla Tedrick (17.9 ppg) was also named to the first team. Junior Kelsey Miller (11.2 ppg) earned second team status while teammate Laura Frazee was special mention.

Also in D-III, Indian Valley junior Courtney Emler and sophomore Emily Baker were tabbed special mention.

On the boy's side in Division IV, senior Cody Sproat (11.5 ppg) of Newcomerstown was named to the third team. Trojan sophomore Austin King and junior Chris Poe were special mention.

In Division III, Ridgewood senior Tanner Stoffer (19.4 ppg) earned first team honors. Junior C.J. Grove (13.4 ppg) was on the second team for the Generals while Zak Keesee, Chris Saylor, and Dillion McPherson were special mention.

In Division II, Indian Valley's Jamie MacAdam and Brett Cox, both juniors, were honorable mention.

Eastern District All-Star team - Boys


First Team: Brandon Taylor, Coshocton, 6-5, sr., 21.0; Cody Schau, Martins Ferry, 6-1, jr., 21.0; Tanner Stoffer, Ridgewood, 6-4, sr., 19.6; Shon Smith, Fort Frye, 6-0, jr., 18.6; Duane Troyer, Garaway, 6-0, jr., 15.5; Eli Hurst, Shenandoah, 5-11, jr., 15.4.

Second Team: Jacob Bailey, Union Local, 6-0, jr., 16.0; Drew Jarvis, Coshocton, 6-5, sr., 15.0; C.J. Grove, Ridgewood, 6-3, jr., 13.4; Zach Eddy, Fort Frye, 6-0 sr., 12.8; Kyle Larrick, Buckeye Trail, 6-6, sr., 9.9; Ryan Troyer, Garaway, 6-2, sr., 12.3.


Third Team: Adam Stupak, Shadyside, 5-10, jr., 15.5; Jordan Indermuhle, River, 6-5, jr., 14.0; Zack Dornon, Barnesville, 6-2, sr., 12.0; Cole Smelley, Bridgeport, 6-1, sr., 12.0; Zach Herrington, Steubenville Catholic, 6-4, jr., 11.7; Cody Sproat, Newcomerstown, 6-4, sr. 11.5.

Special mention: Austin King and Chris Poe, Newcomerstown; Hunter Schneiter, Strasburg; Shawn Ball and Clay Davis, Malvern; Nick Gingerich, Jason Miller, and Chaise Gerber, Hiland; Jimmy Tolloti, Michael Teater, Erich Keitz, and Doug Ross, Tuscarawas Central Catholic.

Eastern District All-Star team - Girls


First Team: Taylor Buchanan, Fort Frye, 5-11 jr., 15.4; Jessica Kinney, Martins Ferry, 5-8, jr., 24.5; Kayla Tedrick, Ridgewood, 5-6, sr., 17.9; Allie Hinton, Newcomerstown, 5-7, jr., 17.5; Madison Richards, Harrison Central, 5-10, sr., 16.0; Kori Medley, Union Local, 5-8, so., 13.5.

Second Team: Katlynn Dunlap, Tusky Valley, 5-10, jr., 13.5; Sami Schott, Shenandoah, 5-10, sr., 14.0; Amy Graham, West Muskingum, 6-2, sr. 12.8; Deidra Combs, Fort Frye, 5-11, jr., 11.8; Kelsey Miller, Ridgewood, 6-0, jr., 11.2; Chelsie Tewanger, Monroe Central, 5-8, sr., 11.0.

Third Team: Katie Fry, Bellaire, 5-4, sr., 16.0; Kori Conner, Newcomerstown, 5-9, sr., 15.3; Natasha Tucke, Tusky Valley, 5-5, sr., 14.0; Brooke Schultz, Harrison Central, 5-5, sr., 11.0; Kayla Doty, Union Local, 5-10, jr., 10.0; Morgan Liedtke, Fort Frye, 5-7, jr., 8.9.

Special mention: Julie Kelley, Harrison Central; Julie Armstrong, Lauren Page, Claymont, Madison Stubbins, Claymont; Emily Baker and Courtney Emler, Indian Valley; Cori Morris and Lauren Weisgarber, Tusky Valley; Tanisha Means, Kasey Means and Nicole Dejesu, Coshocton; Laura Frazee, Ridgewood.