Newcomerstown High's Allie Hinton and Malvern's Max Kapron received "Player of the Year" honors in girls' and boys' basketball in the Inter-Valley Conference.

Joining Hinton on the girls' first team was Kelsey Miller of Ridgewood while Laura Frazee of the Lady Generals received second team accolades.

Newcomerstown's Karlee Peach and Ridgewood's Emily McCoy gained honorable mention.

Ridgewood's Zak Keese earned a first team berth on the boys' squad whil Newcomerstown's Hunter Sneary and Ridgewood's Dillon McPherson gained second team berths.

Austin King of the Trojans and Ryan Lowe of the Generals received honorable mention.

"Coach of the Year" honorees in hoops were Hiland's Dave Schlabach for the girls and Garaway's Dave Shutt for the boys.

In wrestling, Sandy Valley's Groff family swept the top awards, with Sam Groff as the "Wrestler of the Year" and John Groff as the "Coach of the Year".

Newcomerstown's Mitchell Meeks was the IVC wrestling 170-pound champion while Ridgewood's Phillip Shannon (145) and Garrett Bethel (152) also won titles.

Cole Zeigler (132) and Thor Reed (138) and Kelly Barthalow (285) of Ridgewood were runner-ups in their respective weight classes.

Here's the complete IVC winter sports all-stars:

Boys Basketball

First Team

Duane Troyer, Tyler Walter, Garaway; Todd Ropp, Hiland; Max Kapron, Trey Tucci, Malvern; Michael Teater, Tuscarawas Catholic; Zak Keesee, Ridgewood; Zach SWchlimm, Sandy Valley; Marek Walczak, Strasburg.

Second Team

Winston Mullet, Garaway; Jordan Yoder, Hiland; Mitch Loomis, Malvern; Andrew Cugliari, Tuscarawas Catholic; Dillon McPherson, Ridgewood; Nate Shepler, Sandy Valley; Coy Kanouff, Strasburg; Hunter Sneary, Newcomerstown.

Honorable Mention

Josh Werker, Garaway; Tyler Hunter, Sandy Valley; Lucas Mast, Hiland; Austin Eckhardt, Strasburg; Nick Mohr, Malvern; Austin King, Newcomerstown; Alex Milleman, Tuscarawas; Ryan Lowe, Ridgewood.

Player of the Year

Max Kapron, Malvern

Coach of the Year

Dave Shutt, Garaway.

Girls Basketball

First Team

Regina Hochstetler, Hiland; Kendra Schlabach, Hiland; Anya Misko, Garaway; Courtney Putt, Garaway; Mackenzie Columbo, Strasburg; Kelsey Miller, Ridgewood; Allie Hinton, Newcomerstown; Logan Smalley, Malvern.

Second Team

Jasmine Goings, Hiland; Steph Schuster, Strasburg; Kearstyn Moore, Strasburg; Abbie Slemmer, Garaway; Mercedes Bowling, Sandy Valley; Laura Frazee, Ridgewood; Amanda Lowery, Ridgewood; Tori McKinney, Malvern.

Honorable Mention

Emily Yoder, Hiland; Izzy Meese, Garaway; Mikayla Johnson, Strasburg; Emily McCoy, Ridgewood; Ashley Patterson, Malvern; Courtney Huffman, Sandy Valley; Karlee Peach, Newcomerstown; Gabrielle Fredericks, Tuscarawas Catholic.

Player of the Year

Allie Hinton, Newcomerstown

Coach of the Year

Dave Schlabach, Hiland



106: Hunter Vanderpool, Sandy Valley; 113: Brandon Carbenia, Sandy Valley; 120: Nate Gastin, Malvern; 126: Joe Newman, Sandy Valley; 132: Jesse Blake, Garaway; 138: Cody Mullett, Garaway; 145: Phillip Shannon, Ridgewood; 152: Garrett Bethel, Ridgewood; 160: Brett Stoffer, Sandy Valley; 170: Mitchell Meeks, Newcomerstown; 182: Nick Smith, Sandy Valley; 195: Sam Groff, Sandy Valley; 220: Brady Gump, Garaway; 285: Ben Sexton, Garaway.


106: Wayne Kandel, Garaway; 113: Phillip Christner, Malvern; 120: Evan Offenberger, Sandy Valley; 126: Cole Zeigler, Ridgewood; 132: Eric Cassidy, Sandy Valley; 138: Thor Reed, Ridgewood; 145: Ethan Slentz, Garaway; 152: A.J. Frey, Garaway; 160: Tucker Boreman, Garaway; 170: Hudson, Cole, Sandy Valley; 182: Jordan Kalina, Garaway; 195: Logan Wilson, Garaway; 220: Jake Geiger, Sandy Valley; 285: Kelly Barthalow, Ridgewood.

Wrestler of the Year

Sam Groff, Sandy Valley.

Coach of the Year

John Groff, Sandy Valley.