Four athletes from the local area received top honors on the Eastern District Track and Cross Country Association's all-star teams for the 2013 track season.

John Glenn High's Haley Gregory earned the girls' Division II Track Athlete of the Year honor; Cambridge's Errick Snell was named the boys' Division II Track Athlete of the Year; Cambridge's Eric Fox gained the boys' Division II Field Athlete of the Year award; and Bishop Rosecrans' David Cline, from Cambridge, was the boys' Division III Field Athlete of the Year.

Also gaining a top award was Cambridge High's J.R. Fox, the boys' Division II Coach of the Year.

Other top honorees included Alyssa Robinson of St. Clairsville, the girls' D-II Field Athlete of the Year; Rich Patterson of West Holmes, the girls' D-II Coach of the Year; River's Cassidy McCullough and Steubenville Catholic's Monica Rigaud, the girls' D-III Track Co-Athletes of the Year; Garaway's Karissa Swihart, the girls' D-III Field Athlete of the Year; Rob Copeland of Steubenville Catholic, the girls' D-III Coach of the Year; Garaway's Logan Kettlewell, the boys' D-III Track Athlete of the Year; and Mike Bullock of Bishop Rosecrans, the boys' D-III Coach of the Year.

A host of local athletes received all-Eastern District honors in their respective events.

Here's a look at the complete Eastern District Track and Cross Country Coaches Association All-Star Teams:

Division II


100M - Haley Gregory, John Glenn; Kennedy Smith, West Holmes; Emily Brown, John Glenn; Stephanie Donley, Carrollton.

200M - Kennedy Smith, West Holmes; Emily Brown, John Glenn; Carly Woudruff, West Holmes; Paige McKirahan, Meadowbrook.

400M - Hannah Clark, West Holmes; Haley Gregory, John Glenn; Riley Jarvis, Tusky Valley; Baylee Garrett, Morgan.

800M - Kaele Lightfoot, Minerva; Lauren Paul, West Muskingum; Andra Lehotay, Sandy Valley; Jordyn Koch, Tusky Valley.

1600M - Amy Castle, St. Clairsville; Lauren Paul, West Muskingum; Juliana Madzia, St. Clairsville; Rheanna Wilson, John Glenn.

3200M - Juliana Madzia, St. Clairsville; Amy Castle, St. Clairsville; Lauren Paul, West Muskingum; Katelyn Dillon, Claymont.

100M HH - Haley Gregory, John Glenn; Carly Woodruff, West Holmes; Ciera Rose, West Holmes; Kate Christenson, Minerva.

300M LH - Haley Gregory, John Glenn; Courtney Emler, Indian Valley; Alicia Jenkins, Indian Valley; Kristen Douglas, River Valley.

Pole Vault - Lexi Armstrong, Claymont; Maggie Pikna, Sandy Valley; Haley Judson, West Holmes; Valerie Dobbs, St. Clairsville.

High Jump - Katelyn Pollock, Edison; Lauren Paul, West Muskingum; Paxton Winston, Cambridge.

Long Jump - Paiten Strother, West Holmes; Emily Brown, John Glenn; Kelsey Crowe, Tusky Valley; Elise Neville, West Holmes.

Discus - Madie Fisher, Minerva; Natalie Abraham, West Holmes; Alyssa Robinson, St. Clairsville; Emilie Anderson, Cambridge.

Shot Put - Alyssa Robinson, St. Clairsville; Laina Snyder, West Holmes; Hana Mehok, Claymont; Lauren Rose, Claymont.

4x100 - West Holmes; John Glenn; Meadowbrook; St. Clairsville.

4x200 - West Holmes; John Glenn; Meadowbrook; Edison; Tusky Valley.

4x400 - Carrollton; Tusky Valley; Indian Valley; Meadowbrook.

4x800 - West Holmes; John Glenn; Carrollton; Claymont.

Track Athlete of the Year - Haley Gregory, John Glenn.

Field Athlete of the Year - Alyssa Robinson, St. Clairsville.

Coach of the Year - Rich Patterson, West Holmes.


100M - Jaylon Brown, St. Clairsville; Ivan Gadson, Cambridge; Brandon Adams, River View; Clinton Campbell, Morgan.

200M - Brandon Adams, River View; Jaylon Brown, St. Clairsville; Travis Olinger, Indian Valley; Clinton Campbell, Morgan.

400M - Andy Parson, River View; Brandon Locker, Tusky Valley; Matt Miller, West Holmes; Nick Dunlap, Meadowbrook.

800M - Drake Walker, St. Clairsville; John Janczarek, Meadowbrook; Woody Jamiel, John Glenn; Jesse Tinlin, Tusky Valley.

1600M - Drake Walker, St. Clairsville; Woody Jamiel, John Glenn; Lucas Nezbeth, Minerva; Dallas Guy, Meadowbrook.

3200M - Cully Gordon, West Holmes; Ben Lehotay, Sandy Valley; Blake Freed, Claymont; Dallas Guy, Meadowbrook.

110M HH - Errick Snell, Cambridge; Lynk Tranter, Carrollton; Ryan Pastercak, Indian Valley; Eric Fox, Cambridge.

300M IH - Clinton Campbell, Morgan; Travis Stamper, River View; Zach Brinkman, Tusky Valley; Eric Fox, Cambridge.

Pole Vault - Eric Fox, Cambridge; Grant Hay, West Holmes; Alex Watson, Tusky Valley; Michael Eaton, St. Clairsville.

High Jump - Cody Schau, Martins Ferry; Zach Brinkman, Tusky Valley; Luke Sommers, Sandy Valley; Taylor Wise, Claymont; Brice Finton, River View.

Long Jump - Derrick Stevens, Cambridge; Taylor Wise, Claymont; Darren McCaughn, Meadowbrook; Mike McClain, Sandy Valley.

Discus - Derek Dingey, Morgan; Colby Lindsay, St. Clairsville; Alex Presley, Maysville; Tyler Dodd, Carrollton; Sean McGee, Martins Ferry.

Shot Put - Alex Presley, Maysville; Tyler Dodd, Carrollton; Derek Dingey, Morgan; Tyler Jones, Claymont; Sean McGee, Martins Ferry.

4x100 - Cambridge, St. Clairsville; Claymont, West Holmes, Martins Ferry.

4x200 - River View, Indian Valley, Claymont, Meadowbrook, Martins Ferry.

4x400 - River View, Tusky Valley, Maysville, Meadowbrook.

4x800 - Sandy Valley, West Holmes, Tusky Valley, Maysville.

Track Athlete of the Year - Errick Snell, Cambridge.

Field Athlete of the Year - Eric Fox, Cambridge.

Coach of the Year - J.R. Fox, Cambridge.

Division III


100M - Cassidy McCullough, River; Talyr Jenkins, Martins Ferry; Abby Caldwell, River.

200M - Cassidy McCullough, River; Talyr Jenkins, Martins Ferry; Abby Caldwell, River.

400M - Sarah Applegarth, Martins Ferry; Natalie Hart, Fort Frye; Megan Erwine, Rosecrans.

800M - Sunshine Wrenn, Martins Ferry; Jamie Truchan, Martins Ferry; Kenzie Widder, Garaway.

1600M - Kenzie Widder, Garaway; Jenna Furr, Caldwell; Rachel Wentworth, Garaway.

3200M - Rachael Wentworth, Garaway; Tara Tollett, Shadyside; Jenna Furr, Caldwell.

100M HH - Tyesha Allen, Martins Ferry; Nikki Allen, Martins Ferry; Monica Rigaud, Steubenville Central.

300M LH - Cassidy McCullough, River; Samantha Swackhammer, Rosecrans; Tyesha Allen, Martins Ferry.

Pole Vault - Roxy Dunn, Garaway; Courtney Crolley, Martins Ferry; Kylynn Buchanan, Fort Frye.

High Jump - Hannah Foster, Garaway; Alissa West, Garaway; Courtney Imhoff, River; Moriah Vosteen, Steubenville Central.

Long Jump - Cassidy McCullough, River; Madison Chandler, Rosecrans; Bailey Cross, Buckeye Trail.

Discus - Karissa Swihart, Garaway; Elizabeth Valent, Rosecrans; Bri Webb, Martins Ferry.

Shot Put - Karissa Swihart, Garaway; Jessica Smith, Rosecrans, Kate Walter, Garaway.

4x100 - Martins Ferry, Rosecrans, Garaway, Steubenville Central.

4x200 - Martins Ferry, Rosecrnas, Garaway, Steubenville Central.

4x400 - Rosecrans, Garaway, Shadyside, Steubenville Central.

Track Athlete of the Year - Cassidy McCullough, River and Monica Rigaud, Steubenville Central.

Field Athlete of the Year - Karissa Swihart, Garaway.

Coach of the Year - Rob Copeland, Steubenville Central.


100M - Brad Zerkle, Shenandoah; Caleb Jacobs, Garaway; Luke Lloyd, Rosecrans.

200M - Brad Zerkle, Shenandoah; Connor Troyer, Garaway; Clayton Hrinko, Shenandoah.

400M - Max Aslbach, Fort Frye; Solomon Walker, Strasburg; Mogan Daugherty, Buckeye Trail.

800M - Logan Kettelwell, Garaway; Luke Myers, Strasburg; Max Anderson, Fort Frye.

1600M - Logan Kettelwell, Garaway; Brady Yoder, Garaway; Jonathan Niswonger, Caldwell.

3200M - Jon Anderson, Fort Frye; Alex Schrock, Garaway; Logan Kettelwell, Garaway.

110M HH - Connor Troyer, Garaway; Caleb Moore, Shenandoah; Nate Huber, Buckeye Trail; Doug Maslowski, Steubenville Central.

300M IH - Connor Troyer, Garaway; Austin Carleton, Buckeye Trail; Caleb Moore, Shenandoah.

Pole Vault - Jon Stingel, Garaway; Nate Huber, Buckeye Trail; Justin Mossey, Fort Frye.

High Jump - Austin Carleton, Buckeye Trail; Mason Douglas, Garaway; William Ray, Shenandoah.

Long Jump - Austin Carleton, Buckeye Trail; Travis McMahan, Buckeye Trail; Zakary Biancrelli, Shenandoah.

Discus - Casey Raber, Buckeye Trail; Cody Kimble, Buckeye Trail.

Shot Put - David Cline, Rosecrans; Ben Sexton, Garaway; Casey Raber, Buckeye Trail.

4x100 - Rosecrans, Garaway; Shenandoah.

4x200 - Rosecrans, Shenandoah, Garaway.

4x400 - Garaway, Buckeye Trail, Shenandoah.

4x800 - Garaway, Fort Frye, Buckeye Trail, Steubenville Central.

Track Athlete of the Year - Logan Kettelwell, Garaway.

Field Athlete of the Year - David Cline, Rosecrans.

Coach of the Year - Mike Bullock, Rosecrans.